The Showcase@WBT

World class mentoring for emerging investors and licensees, for investors and licensees

The Showcase represents up to 100 companies and technologies selected to present products or technologies that are market-ready and seeking startup, seed stage/first round capital, or corporate licensing partners.

The WBT sources, screens, and mentors companies and technologies emerging from universities, federal labs, and the private sector. These companies and technologies, which vary by industry sector, geography, funding source, and type of research institution, are vetted by a national screening panel of over 80 venture investors and Fortune 1000 licensees. All selected presenters are matched with a two person mentor team in preparation for a concise, 6-minute investor/licensee-oriented presentation.

The deadline to submit a technology or company to be a part of the Showcase is in July, and the 100 technologies are announced in late August. Over the past 10 years the WBT has worked with over 630 companies and technologies preparing them for venture capital and licensing partners.

All selected Showcase presenters receive:

  • A 6 minute presentation slot on the Main Stage at the WBT.
  • A teleconference dress rehearsal of your presentation prior to the event.
  • A dedicated 2 person Mentor Team to assist your preparation.
  • Contact information and technology description in the WBT Deal Book.
  • Participation in the Pre-WBT Networking system allowing you to schedule meetings before arriving on-site.
  • Exclusive networking area in the exhibit hall

There is no cost to apply. If selected to present, the registration fee is $650 per person. Submit Your Technology

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