Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WBT Innovation Marketplace?

The WBT Innovation Marketplace is the world's largest forum offering a prescreened, pre-prepped collection of undiscovered companies and intellectual property emanating from top universities, labs and research institutions from across the country and around the globe. Each year's Marketplace represents the collaborative effort of investors, licensees and tech commercialization professionals, offering an unparalleled forum that is both deal-focused and unbiased with regard to geography, funding source, or originating research institution. Participating technologies are selected by - and presented to - over 100 seasoned venture investors and Fortune 500 licensing scouts representing a variety of industries, each supported by private funding, federal R&D grants or both.

Eligible presenters are screened by a national panel of seed investors, venture capitalists and corporate licensing professionals experienced in commercializing new and innovative technologies. Up to one hundred (100) presenters will be chosen to make a 6-minute presentation. In the weeks leading up to the Showcase presenters are provided guidance on their 6-minute presentations and groomed by individually assembled mentor teams comprised of at least two (2) seasoned experts.

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Who should Attend?

  • Seed and early stage venture investors
  • Corporate venture investors
  • Angel Investors
  • Technology officers
  • CRADA Partners
  • SBIR Award recipients
  • Federal R&D Program Managers
  • Researchers & Scientists
  • Business, legal, and finance experts

In October of 2012 over 500 participants attended the WBT Innovation Marketplace. The audience can categorized into three groups: Investors/Licensees, Technology Presenters, and other attendees.

Click here for a representative list of investors and licensees who have attended recent WBT's.

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Who should apply to present?

  • Technology entrepreneurs
  • Researchers
  • Research institutions
  • Tech transfer professionals representing university, lab, or agency innovations
  • Private enterprises and businesses
  • Individuals seeking to license and commercialize advanced technologies
  • Individuals seeking seed and early stage venture capital

Applicants can be at a variety of stages of development from startups to second round venture stage. Priority is given to applicants that have a functioning prototype or beta version of a product or technology. Regardless of stage, successful applicants will showcase investment and licensing opportunities that involve:
  • Platform Technologies that could spawn many products, which are
  • Close to Market, having few barriers remaining to commercial application and
  • First in Space, having the potential to give rise to a whole new industry,

All applicants should be seeking either commercialization partners or growth capital. Ideal candidates will be able to demonstrate initial success in attracting outside funding, which may be in the form of research grants or seed capital.

Applications are open to the general public. However, priority will be given to applicants affiliated with, supported by or sponsored by a Federal Lab or University. If your technology derived from research conducted at a federal lab or university research facility, be sure to indicate so in the application.

While not required, if the applicant represents a breakthrough technology on behalf of a research institution (i.e. not yet part of a new enterprise), the designated presenter is at the discretion of the applicant. For onsite networking, it is recommended, but not required, to have the founding researcher in attendance and available to prospective investors and partners.

If the applicant represents an existing business, the presenter should be part of the company's senior management team (Founder, CEO, CTO, COO, CFO, VP Business Development). Ideally, the founder or CEO is expected to present.

There are no industry restrictions for prospective applicants. However, priority will be given to companies seeking capital and/or licensing within industries known to attract venture capital and Fortune 500 licensees. Favored sectors include life science, advanced materials, nanotech, energy, software, semiconductor, chemical, and industrial machining/manufacturing.

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How Do I apply to Present?

All applications can be submitted online. There is no cost to apply online and no limit of the number of research or technology applications that can be submitted by an individual, organization, or institution.

To apply visit, Submit Your Technology, You will be asked to create an account including contact information. This account can be used to submit multiple applications. Once an account is created you are ready to submit an application, just follow the steps. All applications can be saved in draft form until you are ready to "Save as Final". Once the application has been saved as final it has officially been submitted and no further changes can be made.

For convenience there is also a word document application that can be downloaded and completed before submitting online.

* Don't forget to save all drafts as final before the application deadlines.

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How are applications selected?

Our panel of screeners rate each technology application using a points system. Consideration is given to each application based on the science team, strength of technology or product, position in the technology marketplace, the market opportunity, the value proposition, the business model, and the management team. For details, visit Selection Criteria

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How can I increase my chances of being selected to present?

The exhibitor application provides an opportunity to describe (in approximately 3 pages) the investment and/or licensing opportunity of your company or intellectual property in an executive summary format.

Priority will be given to applications that:

  • are easy to understand (written in plain English without a lot of technical jargon).
  • convey the specific market need for the technology.
  • clearly articulate the technology's sustainable competitive advantage.
  • identify sizable target markets (ideally $1 billion or more) with which the product or technology is applicable.
  • illustrate the financial opportunity to an investor or corporate licensee.
And for those applicants which are operating companies:
  • describe the basic business model (i.e. how the technology ultimately leads to making money) in terms of anticipated gross net margins.

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What happens if I am selected to Present?

If you are selected to present you will be notified via email 3 months prior to the event. All selected presenters and attendees affiliated with a presenting company or institution are required to register for the event at the discounted $650 Presenter Rate.

Upon registering for the event ($650 per person), you will be provided access to wealth of resources that make the WBT a one-of-a-kind event. Specifically, each presenting company or institution will receive one-on-one mentor support (2 professionals) in developing a 6-minute presentation, the opportunity to identify and invite specific investors and strategic partners, develop a press release, perform a dry-run/dress rehearsal of your presentation, and tap a wealth of resources exclusive to WBT presenters. The WBT staff is also available by phone or email to assist you every step of the way.

For a full list if Selected Presenter benefits visit, present at WBT.

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Who has presented at past WBTshowcases?

Take a look at all past presenters.

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What are the Success Rates of Those Who Attend?

Since its inception in 2002 the WBT Innovation Marketplace has presented over 630 emerging companies and technologies representing 49 states and 25 countries. To date WBT presenters have received over $786 Million in early and seed stage funding and licensing. These figures do not consider subsequent federal R&D grants or sources of other government, state, local grant funding, or licensing agreements of undisclosed amounts.

$786 Million in “next round” capital (includes acquisitions) including:

  • Life Science - $359 MM
  • IT and Software - $241 MM
  • Energy - $69MM
  • Advanced Materials - $51MM

Over 10 years of research shows that one in three WBT presenters goes on to license, secure venture funding, or sell their IP outright. Check out our Alumni Page

How does the WBT stack up? According to the Center for Venture Research, venture capital firms regularly receive hundreds of business plans each month. From among these, it is not unusual for a VC firm to actually fund only 0.25% — 0.5%. When compared to industry norms the track record of the WBT and the success of WBT presenters is significant.

Check out our Alumni Page

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How do I become a sponsor?

By becoming a WBT sponsor you support the nation's premiere event showcasing the largest collection of undiscovered technologies emanating from top universities, labs and research institutions from across the country and around the globe.

Sponsorship is an opportunity to:

  • Gain exposure to an audience of investors, licensees, entrepreneurs, universities and federal representatives.
  • Make strategic relationships in an environment conducive to networking.
  • Support emerging technologies and support regional, national and international economic growth.

To become a sponsor please contact Amanda Radovic. We are here to discuss how sponsorship can benefit you and your organization.

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How do I become a WBT Mentor?

If you are interested in becoming a mentor and getting a sneak-peek at some of the technologies that will participate, contact Amanda Radovic. or call 480-477-6408. Mentors are selected and assigned based on a "best-fit" basis, where the type of technology and stage of development are considered. By agreeing to become a part of our mentor pool, you may or may not be selected to mentor a technology presenter in a given year.

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How do I become a WBT Screener?

If you are an investor or licensee interested in becoming a screener for WBT, and getting the opportunity to scout the technologies that have applied to participate, contact Amanda Radovic or call 480-477-6408. All of our technologies are selected by qualified investors. If you are a corporate licensee, venture capitalist, or angel investor, contact us to express your interest in becoming a screener.

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