The FedMarketPlace@WBT connects federal labs and agencies within the WBT Marketplace, facilitating the transition of promising technologies developed at federal agencies and federal labs available for purchase, licensing to industry, and strategic partnerships. Federal labs and agencies are invited to work with the WBT team to help source technologies believed to be the most attractive to potential investors or corporate strategic partners. WBT staff will provide support throughout the process, from assistance in completing an online application (a summary description of the technology and how it addresses a specific market need) to preparing tech transfer professionals or researchers to present the opportunity to an audience of investors and corporate strategic partners.

The FedMarketPlace@WBT will also serve as a focal point for lab, agency leaders, lab researchers and tech transfer professionals, to discuss the variety of technology opportunities available for investment and licensing specific to their lab or agency. Our goal is to narrow the enormous set of opportunities currently available at a given lab or agency, and vet these opportunities to a workable group where all may benefit from participation in the WBT in a methodical, supportive manner.

Who Participates in the FedMarketPlace:

  • Agency Leaders
  • Scientific Advisors
  • Chief Commercialization Officers
  • Technology Transfer Directors. Managers, Coordinators & Assistants
  • Researchers & Scientists
  • Federal Lab Affiliates
  • Technology Transfer professionals

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Booth & Registration Packages

The WBT offers unprecedented access to Fortune 500 licensing professionals, venture investors, and university decision-makers. Federal Agencies and Labs can heighten the visibility of their programs and technologies before, during and after the WBT by serving as a Participating Agency or Lab. DoD, NASA, NIST, DHS, NSF, NNI, and others have participated in past WBT events and have indicated their intent to participate in the 2012 WBT Marketplace.

Participating Agency packages are available to encourage full participation by the entire innovation community at an Agency or Lab, ensuring that Lab Directors, technology transfer professionals, and agency representatives can attend the event. Contact Amanda Radovic, Executive Director, for more information regarding booth space and group government rates for event registration, at aradovic@wbtshowcase.com or 480-477-6408.

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