University Square @ WBT

WBT is committed to serving and integrating the talent and technology of the academic community into the WBT Marketplace.

University Square@WBT offers business and engineering students, faculty, tech transfer directors, and research administrators opportunities to connect with investors, showcase their technology, and collaborate with federal agencies and other universities.

The academic community participates in the WBT in a number of ways.

University Square@WBT

University Square is section in the main exhibit hall designed for Proof-of-Concept stage university technologies, who are looking for private funding or licensing opportunities, and/or preparing to spin-out of the university environment. Whether you are a research scientist or technology transfer manager, the University Square@WBT provides a unique opportunity to showcase your technology and network with leading seed investors, venture capitalists and corporate licensing partners.

All selected Showcase presenters receive:

  • A 6 minute presentation slot on the Main Stage at the WBT.
  • A teleconference dress rehearsal of your presentation prior to the event.
  • A dedicated 2 person Mentor Team to assist your preparation.
  • Contact information and technology description in the WBT Deal Book.
  • Participation in the Pre-WBT Networking system allowing you to schedule meetings before arriving on-site.
  • Exclusive networking area in the exhibit hall

There is no cost to apply. If selected to present, the registration fee is $650 per person. To learn more about the Showcase, and to apply, visit here.

Poster Session

For the 6th year, a research Poster Session will provide the opportunity for researchers to discuss their discoveries with the WBT audience. The Poster is designed for very-early stage researchers or research teams, who are still a few years away from seeking private funding. The Poster Session will be collocated in University Square in the WBT exhibit hall, and Poster presenters will have the opportunity to participate in all WBT activities, and present their poster during the Opening Reception.

For more information, and to apply for the Poster Session, click here.

Poster Presenter Pranesh Aswath from University of Texas at Arlington.

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