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What is WBT Innovation Marketplace?
Now in its 11th year, WBT Innovation Marketplace is widely recognized as the world’s largest and premier showcase of pre‐screened, prepped, undiscovered companies and technologies, sourced from universities, labs, and garages located across the country and around the globe. The WBT (World’s Best Technologies) is the culmination of a year‐long effort of investors, licensees, and tech commercialization professionals to create this deal‐focused and industry‐diverse, showcase of companies and technologies that vary by geography, funding source and type of research institution.

Historical ROI
  • 813 companies and technologies from 27 countries
  • 33% of presenters secure venture capital, license agreements or sell their IP outright
  • Nearly $1 Billion in private capital has been invested in WBT technologies

WBT Innovation Marketplace
  • 70+ companies and technologies will present (pure technology and seed/startup)
  • 80+ licensing scouts, federal agencies, VC and corporate investors
  • 500+ attendees
  • Full program agenda of plenary sessions, educational breakouts and keynotes by notable corporate leaders

The competitive advantages of sponsorship
  • Strengthen your reputation as an innovation thought leader through exposure at an international event exclusively focused on early and seed stage technologies.
  • Leverage the WBT program to compliment your existing technology commercialization directives
  • Be on the leading edge of discovery as you gain access to game changing and industry shaping technologies with a collection like no other found in the US.
  • Promote and expand your Open Innovation Program, Accelerator, and R&D capabilities to a diverse audience of: Federal Agency Reps ‐ Federal Lab Reps– Universities ‐ Corporate Partners – Licensees -Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors
  • Your sponsorship directly supports emerging technologies with current market applications and closes the funding gap

As a sponsor you receive the opportunity to
  • Gain Exposure for your organization on a global stage
  • Showcase your organization’s leading technologies and position your organization as an industry sector leader
  • Serve on the selection Committee and gain access to hundreds of seed and early stage technologies representing a variety of industry sectors
  • Complete a technology scouting interview and shape the event as we distribute our “Call for Technologies”
  • Serve on the WBT Advisory Board making a strategic impact on the program and directly support the nation's entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Create a technical session with specifically tailored content that promotes your organization’s mission
  • Connect with industry’s top deal makers and innovation thought leaders
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