2012 WBT Innovation Marketplace Selected Presenters

Code FluidicsCode FluidicsCAAdvanced Materials
Malama Composites, Inc.Studio BioFoamCAAdvanced Materials
McGill UniversityNovel Biomaterial for Tissue Engineering, Repair and RegenerationCanadaAdvanced Materials
Silicon Solar SolutionsSelf Aligned Hydrogenated Selective Emitters for High Efficiency Solar CellsARAdvanced Materials
CennaNovel Therapeutics for Alzheimer’s DiseaseCABiotech
CFD Research CorporationSynVivoALBiotech
Clemson University Research FoundationFiber Bundles for Improved Protein Separation ApplicationsSCBiotech
GenetikSignalnovel anti-aging products and oncology drugsMDBiotech
Kulira TechnologiesSliceX Gel TechnologyAZBiotech
Mediomics, LLCMolecular PINCERMOBiotech
PlantForm CorporationPlant-based Technology platform designed to produce therapeutic antibody drugs at ultra-low costCanadaBiotech
SignalRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Combined PI-3K/ME K small molecule inhibitorsBiotech
Teselagen BiotechnologyJ5CABiotech
University of California San DiegoPAMP (primer approximation multiplex PCR) 2.0CABiotech
Uroboros TechnologiesDeNAno  CABiotech
viDA Therapeutics IncGranzymesCanadaBiotech
TeknikemRonJohn Paint and Adhesive RemoverSCChemical
Acudora, IncvTuning™/vDBM™AZCommunications
ANTVibes Inc.Audible Name TagCanadaCommunications
E-Band CommunicationsMillimeter-wave radio technology operating in the licensed 70-90 GHz E-band spectrum for small and macro cell backhaulCACommunications
SPAWAR Systems Center PacificAutomatic Payload Deployment System (APDS)CACommunications
Starmark, Inc.SmartAVC™ Automatic Volume ControlCACommunications
Astral Infiniti, LLCSolar Powered High Altitude Long Endurance UAV - SolarDeck 24-7CAEnergy
Bing Energy Internationalbuckypaper supported Membrane Electrode AssembliesFLEnergy
Biogas & ElectricAir Pollution Control for Biogas EnginesCAEnergy
Boston UniversityRapid Response Storage System for Renewable Energy  MAEnergy
CFD Research CorporationBio-BatteryALEnergy
Chilldyne, Inc.Cool-Flo Liquid Cooling System for Data CentersCAEnergy
CyberTran InternationalUltra Light Rail TransitCAEnergy
EvgentechInnovative Charging Process for Lithium Ion BatteriesGAEnergy
Genesis Group Inc.Wavelet Modulated InverterCanadaEnergy
GroundmetricseQube™ & EmirSMCAEnergy
Harvest EnergyUrban Renewable EnergyCAEnergy
Indy Power SystemsEnergy RouterINEnergy
VACUUM ENERGY LLCMegawatt - hour energy storageCAEnergy
NovaTorque IncHigh efficiency, economical, non-rare earth-based, conical air gap, permanent magnet electric motor  CAEnergy
Pacific Integrated Energy3D Nano-photonic antenna for solar energyCAEnergy
Pressure SentinelAutomatic Tire Inflation SystemCAEnergy
Safe Hydrogen, LLCElectricity Storage as Hydrogen in a Rechargeable Slurry of Magnesium HydrideMAEnergy
Clemson University Research FoundationSmart Blending SCManufacturing Innovation
GoTek EnergyDynakinetic EnginesCAManufacturing Innovation
JDCPhosphate, Inc.Improved Hard Process (Kiln Phosphoric Acid)FLManufacturing Innovation
Proactive Automated Backflow Technologies Inc.Real Time Backflow MonitoringCanadaManufacturing Innovation
Turbo Trac USA, Inc.Mechanical Infinitely Variable Transmission for Manufacturing and Industrial ApplicationsTXManufacturing Innovation
Corvida MedicalCorvida MedicalIAMedical Device
CryoPen, Inc.CryoPen® Cryosurgical SystemTXMedical Device
DINASTParkinson rehabilitation with 3D sensor technologyTXMedical Device
Freedom MeditechClearPath DS-120CAMedical Device
SafegideDental Implant Guide KitsCAMedical Device
Innovative Trauma Care Inc.ITClampCanadaMedical Device
KJAYA Medical, LLCCloud Supercomputing Radiology PlatformCTMedical Device
Lungpacer Medical Inc.Lungpacer Diaphragm Pacing SystemCanadaMedical Device
MedipacsElectro-Active Smart Polymer; Mini-Infuser drug delivery platfromCAMedical Device
MyoStimMyoStim PacersCAMedical Device
Nasseo, Inc.Novel Surface Modification of Dental and Orthopedic ImplantsCAMedical Device
Soho ScientificProcess for the continuous and noninvasive measurement of weight in live animals or humansCAMedical Device
telmedx, inc.Live Medical-Grade Video From Cell PhonesCAMedical Device
Therapeutic Monitoring Systems Inc.Continuous Individualized Multi-Organ Variability Analysis (CIMVA) clinical decision support softwareCanadaMedical Device
True Diagnostics, Inc.TrueDX™ Platform and TrueDX™ TestsCAMedical Device
University of CaliforniaDevice for early diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular diseaseCAMedical Device
ViaTechMDCervical Stabilization Device ("CSD")AZMedical Device
ViTran DiagnosticsViTran CKD Assay - Novel Kidney Biomarkers AssayCAMedical Device
Molecular Targets, IncHandheld Sensors fo r Detection of Chemical & Biological Agents in Multiple EnvironmentsNanotech
Roseland LLCHikari Gin-tech, a long lasting antimicrobial spray  CANanotech
Smart Skin TechnologiesSmart SkinCanadaNanotech
Unified NexsysUnified NexsysCANetworking
Admiral FluidicsAnti-Bio Paper (antifungal packaging coating or wrap) — Vapor Paper™CAOther
Admiral FluidicsSuper Whale Caudal Cycle Propellers-Pumps and FansCAOther
ATD Waste Systems Inc.Large Scale Hog Manure ManagementCanadaOther
Atlantis Research Labs inc.  'Avro Engine'- Advan ced Jet Propulsion.  Other
Aviation Technologies InternationalAdvanced Clean Technology Business AircraftCAOther
Eco Products Group, IncWater Conservation Technology for residential, commercial and Institutional BuildingsNMOther
Genesis Group Inc.Inspirus PKM – A Highly Dynamic & Accurate Pointing Device for Opto-Mechatronic ApplicationsCanadaOther
iDUS Controls Ltd.iDUSmesh - smartmesh farm data acquisition platformCanadaOther
KleenSpeed Technologies Inc.Intelligent   Li-ion energy storage solutionsCAOther
NDSU Research FoundationSynthesis of Highly Uniform, Unagglomerated Nanospheres with Diameters Less Than 100 NanometersNDOther
SABA Motors IncRotary Wing EngineCAOther
Tellus Technology Inc.The Tellus ProcessCAOther
Dhart Development CorporationCoolToes™ franchise treatment for common nail diseasesCAOther Lifescience
GrowSafe Systems Ltd.GrowSafe Beef®CanadaOther Lifescience
TransMedImage - BlueSkyRadiology - DesertMedicalImagingOnline Cloud Based HIPAA Compliant Medical Image Viewer  CAOther Lifescience
ChemRegen, Inc.Anti-Cancer TechnologyCAPharmaceutical
Denovo BiomarkersDiscovery of Novel Clinical Biomarkers using Archived Clinical SamplesCAPharmaceutical
Foresight Science & TechnologyNovel Anti-Angiogenesis Peptide   RIPharmaceutical
NDSU Research FoundationPortfolio of Novel, Safe Gene and Drug Delivery MechanismsNDPharmaceutical
SanRx PharmaceuticalsCalcium pterins and calcium folateCAPharmaceutical
TocagenControlled Active Gene Transfer (CAGT) platformCAPharmaceutical
University of California San DiegoHerpesvirus Vaccine and Methods of UseCAPharmaceutical
Ambient AlertVigilantPOWERCASecurity
CertiRx CorporationCertiRx Assured BrandsNCSecurity
Cygnus ConnectVega – The Home Monitoring CameraCanadaSecurity
Langford & Carmichael, Inc.ScenGenCASecurity
SPAWAR Systems Center PacificAdaptive Linear Filter (ALF)CASecurity
MultiMediaXmission, Inc.Complexity and data movement reduction in video compression systemsCASemiconductor
NDSU Research FoundationUnique, Asynchronous, Extensible Electronics Architecture Outperforms Field Programmable Gate ArraysNDSemiconductor
Packet DigitalPowerSage Power Management Integrated CircuitsNDSemiconductor
Quantum Semiconductor LLCSiGeC+ CMOS Semiconductors for Light Absorption and EmissionCASemiconductor
U.S. Army Research LaboratoryPolarization Enhanced Light Emitting Diode with Reduced Efficiency DroopMDSemiconductor
 Cutting Edge Networked StoragePower Saving Cloud Archive PSCACASoftware
451 Degrees IncGraffitiCASoftware
AMITAMobile IEDCanadaSoftware
AMITAMedical Command Post (MCP)  CanadaSoftware
Assay DepotResearch ExchangeCASoftware
Biometric Signature IDPatented Gesture Biometric AuthenticationTXSoftware
Boston UniversitySystem Identification Method for Optimizing Building HVAC SystemsMASoftware
Boston UniversitySpatial Data FusionMASoftware
CollegeMobileMobile ApplicationsCanadaSoftware
Engineered PrivacyAutomated Face Tracing and Encryption SoftwareCanadaSoftware
FasterContracts  Disintermedia, LLCMDSoftware
Genesis Group Inc.Real-time Software-only Video Segmentation and MattingCanadaSoftware
GTag Technologies IncMobile based GuestbookCanadaSoftware
Hold-Free NetworksHold-Free NetworksCASoftware
Independa, IncIndependaCASoftware
iWatchLife InciWatchLifeCanadaSoftware
LonoCloudLonoCloud PaaS+CASoftware
mHealthSys, Inc.mHealthSys Diabetes Empowerment System (DES)CASoftware
Planetary DataCommunity Internet Drive (for social media file sharing)CASoftware
Pug Pharm Productions Inc.Picnic™ Customer Engagement EngineCanadaSoftware
rHubsrHubs E-Commerce PlatformCanadaSoftware
Shailah InteractiveGestyMeCanadaSoftware
ShowUhowReel QualifiedCASoftware
SideBuy Technologies Inc.Structured Knowledge Aggregation From The WebCanadaSoftware
SticsStics Predictive Analytics and Data Consortium for GamblersCASoftware
TestCountry.comTrust Building & Maintaining PlatformCASoftware
Triggerfinger Research InstituteUniversal Command and Control for Unmanned Vehicle SystemsORSoftware
US Army Medical Research and Materiel CommandSystem and method for recording and tracking burn injuriesMDSoftware
VendAsta Technologies Inc.VendAsta's Reputation and Presence Management PlatformCanadaSoftware
WorldReach Software CorporationVisaReach & PassportReachCanadaSoftware

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