Presenting Technologies


OrganizationSupporting InstitutionsState / CountryIndustry
AeonClad Coatings, LLCUTArlington, Federal Funding, Private FundingTXManufacturing Innovation
Animal Innovations, Inc.Angel Funding TXBiotech
ANTEOS, IncNSF, Army SBIR, Navy SBIR, NASA SBIRMASemiconductor
Astronix ResearchNational Reconnaissance Office Director’s AwardsVASemiconductor
Azaya Therapeutics, Inc.TETF, private fundingTXBiotech
Bombyx TechnologiesTufts University, CornellNYBiotech
Cardialen, IncWashington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) &Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), SBIR Funding and Angel FundingMOMedical Device
Clean Coal Briquette IncDOE, Dept of Commerce, USDA, CO Dept of Higher Education, private fundingCOEnergy
Daheco Engines CorporationPrivate FundingNCEnergy
DataInfoCom USA Inc.Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED), angel investment TXSoftware
Designturn, Inc.Maryland Technology Development Corporation, US ArmyMAOther Lifescience
DynaMotorsUS DOEOHEnergy
Eagle Vision Pharmaceutical Corp.NIH, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Angel FundingPAPharmaceutical
ERDC-CERLEnvironmental Quality TechnologyTXOther
Faradox Energy Storage, Inc.DOE SBIR, DoD SBIR,TETFTXAdvanced Materials
FibeRio Technology CorporationTexas Ignition Fund/UT System, UTPA Office of Innovation and Intellectual PropertyTxNanotech
Fluential Inc.NIST, DoD SBIR, Angel FundingCASoftware
Guardsman Scientific, IncPrivate FundingUTMedical Device
Human Network Labs, Inc.SCI Ventures, Seed FundingPACommunications
Hybridyne Imaging Technologies, Inc. and Brookhaven National LaboratoryBrookhaven National LabCanadaMedical Device
hypiosPrivate FundingCAOther
iHASPrivate FundingMASoftware
Instrumentel LtdAngel FundingUnited KingdomSecurity
Intelligent Safety SolutionsPrivate FundingPAOther
Ironbridge Technologies, IncNSF, TETFTXAdvanced Materials
Karpov Institute of Physical ChemistryPrivate FundingRussiaChemical
Lantos Technologies - An MIT medical device spin outMIT, Deshpande CenterMAMedical Device
LaserGen, Inc.NIH, VC funds, TETFTXBiotech
LiquidPiston, Inc.U.S. Army, MIT, Adams Capital Management, Northwater CapitalCTEnergy
LynntechUS ArmyTXMedical Device
Madeira TherapeuticsAngel FundingKSPharmaceutical
Mediomics, LLCNSF, NIST, DHSMOBiotech
Midwest Applied Technologies LLCNDSUNDMedical Device
Mobilocity Solutions, LLCPrivate FundingMNOther
MutualMindPrivate FundingTXSoftware
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft DivisionUS NavyMDChemical
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft DivisionUS NavyMDCommunications
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft DivisionUS NavyMDManufacturing Innovation
Naval Surface Warefare CenterUS NavyVASoftware
NDSU Research FoundationNDSU, US Army, NSFNDSoftware
NeuroDx Development LLCNSFPAMedical Device
Neurolutions, IncWashington University, Missouri Spinal Cord Injury Research fundMOMedical Device
OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc.TETF, VC FundingTXMedical Device
OrthogonalCornell, NSF SBIR, Intel, Angel FundingNYAdvanced Materials
Pakwa TechnologiesAnges Financiers de Montréal CanadaMedical Device
Parallel GroupUniv of PittsburghPAOther
PatentLab LLCCottage Hospital Foundation, Private FundingCABiotech
Photon8, Inc.Private Funding, TETF, Greater Brownsville Incentives CorporationTXBiotech
PoduhvatPrivate FundingSerbiaEnergy
Process Equipment & Design LLCPrivate FundingNDOther
Pronucleotein Biotechnologies CorporationOTC Biotechnologies, TETFTXBiotech
Quasar Energy LLCPrivate FundingNDEnergy
Ramot at Tel Aviv University Ltd.Ramot at Tel Aviv Univ.IsraelMedical Device
Ramot at Tel Aviv University Ltd.- Nanoimprinting lithography for prevention of counterfeitingRamot at Tel Aviv Univ.IsraelSecurity
Rapid Diagnostek, Inc.Angel FundingWIMedical Device
Resonant Sensors IncorporatedNSF SBIR,  National Cancer Institute (NIH), DARPA, TETFTXBiotech
RetroSense Therapeutics, LLCMichigan Initiative for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Private FundingMIBiotech
ScanTech Sciences IncTETFTXOther
Smart Imaging TechnologiesAegis Texas Capital, TETFTXOther Lifescience
SOCPRAUniversité de SherbrookeCanadaManufacturing Innovation
SpinControl Gearing LLCPrivate FundingFLEnergy
Spyglass Biosecurity, Inc.Private FundingCAOther Lifescience
SSC Pacific - Haptic GloveSPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, NavyCACommunications
SSC Pacific - Sea Water AntennaUS NavyCACommunications
Stellarray, Inc.NIST, DHS, NIH, AFRL, TETFTXMedical Device
Sunrise Ridge Algae IncDOD,  DOE, TETF, Private FundingTXEnergy
SynVax Pharmaceuticals Inc.NIHUTPharmaceutical
Texas Tech University System - A new category of drugs to limit damage in ischemic strokeAmerican Heart Association, NIHTXPharmaceutical
Texas Tech University System - Angiogenic Drugs as a Therapy for Alzheimer's DiseaseNIHTXPharmaceutical
Texas Tech University System - Inhibition of Metallo-Beta-LactamaseNIH, NSFTXPharmaceutical
Texas Tech University System - FibertectTexas Tech University SystemTXAdvanced Materials
TheraVasc Inc.LSU, Private FundingOHPharmaceutical
Thermobaric Energy Systems, LLC.Kentucky New Energy Ventures Grant, Private FundingKYEnergy
Thies TechnologyNSFNVAdvanced Materials
TransMembrane BiosciencesPrivate FundingCABiotech
TreatmentConnections, LLCPrivate FundingTXSoftware
Turbo Trac USA, Inc.Angel Funding, TETFTXManufacturing Innovation
Twin Star MedicalNIH SBIR, DoD, private fundingMNMedical Device
TXL Group, Inc.TETF, NASATXEnergy
University of IdahoNIH, Private FundingIDBiotech
Varaha Systems IncorporatedTEFT, Private FundingTXCommunications
VirtualMetrix, Inc.Angel FundingCASoftware
VueLogic LLCSBIR FundingGASoftware
Waldo NetworksPrivate FundingTXOther Lifescience
WhichBox Media, LLCAngel FundingTXOther
XploSafe, LLCOklahoma State University, MIPT,National Science Foundatio, E-basic OKOther
Zoomal-Tech Inc.UTA, Private FundingTXAdvanced Materials


OrganizationSupporting InstitutionsState / CountryIndustry
525 SolutionsUniversity of Alabama, Private FundingALPharmaceutical
AFRL Sensors DirectorateAir Force Research LaboratoryOHCommunications
Air Force Research LaboratoryAFRLOHOther
AlexiumUSAF, Private FundingOHAdvanced Materials
Blue Orb, Inc.National Science Foundation, Angel FundingFLSoftware
BriefCam Ltd.Private FundingIsraelSecurity
Catena PharmaceuticalsUniversity of Virginia, North Carolina Biotechnology CenterNCBiotech
Chipotle Business Group, Inc.Texas Emerging Tech Fund, University of Texas at Arlington, Private FundingTXBiotech
City University of New YorkCUNYNYEnergy
Clever Technologies Ltd.Ministry of Industry CZ, Na Homolce HospitalCzech RepublicMedical Device
Cool Energy, Inc.Private, NSF SBIRCOEnergy
Delaware Economic Development OfficePrivateDEChemical
Delighta, IncPrivate FundingILOther
Discovery Technology InternationalPrivate FundingFLMedical Device
Dublin Institute of Technology DITEnterprise IrelandIrelandCommunications
Dublin Institute of Technology DITEnterprise IrelandIrelandOther
École Polytechnique de Montréal and UnivalorCRC, National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, The Providence of Quebec the Canada Foundation for Innovation, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Engineering, NIHCanadaMedical Device
École Polytechnique de Montréal and UnivalorPolyvalor LP, Government of QuebecCanadaSemiconductor
Ed4UPrivate ARCommunications
Emitech, Inc.US ArmyMASecurity
Florida Institute of TechnologyArmy SBIRFLCommunications
Florida Institute of TechnologyRaydiance, Inc., Oak Ridge National Lab, Florida Photonics Center of Excellence, Florida Dept. of HealthFLMedical Device
Florida International UniversityGrant FundingFLMedical Device
Graz University of TechnologyArmasuisse, RUAG Electronics, GVB, Secritron, MIGROS, Speedikon FM AGAustriaSecurity
Grip InnovationsPrivate FundingAZSoftware
Halo MonitoringHuntsville Angel Network, Birmingham Technology Fund, Venture Capital, private fundingALOther Lifescience
Hamilton Eye InstituteTATRC, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Tennessee, University of MemphisTNBiotech
HiSpirit, LLCPrivate FundingMNOther Lifescience
Hydrogen Plus Inc.PrivateCAEnergy
Inspherion CorporationPrivate FundingTXSoftware
Invert Invent Ltd
Invivosciences LLCNIH SBIR, Washington University in St. Louis, Wisconsin Dept of CommerceWIBiotech
Lund UniversitySecure Logistics Sweden AB, Venture Cup Sweden, Government and Private FundingSwedenSecurity
MacuCLEAR, Inc.SRA, University and Government support, AngelTXPharmaceutical
McGill UniversityNatural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, McGill OTTCanadaNanotech
Microwave TechnologiesNational University of KyivUkraineEnergy
Nanyang Technological UniversityMinistry of Education, SingaporeSingaporeEnergy
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft DivisionDept. of the NavyMDMedical Device
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft DivisionDept. of the NavyMDOther
Neoker, S.L.University of Santiago de Compostela, Institute of Ceramic Materials of Galicia, Spanish Ministry of Industry and Technology, Private Funding SpainAdvanced Materials
Net Watch Solutions, Inc.Texas Emerging Tech Fund, Private FundingTXSoftware
Neuroinnovation LTDA. Chilean GovernmentChilePharmaceutical
NuPotential, Inc.NIHLAOther Lifescience
Obsidian Strategics Inc.Private FundingCanadaSoftware
Optisense Network, Inc.Idaho National Laboratory (INL), TX Emerging Tech FundTXEnergy
Orbis BiosciencesPrivate Seed Funding, University of IllinoisKSPharmaceutical
Parsortix, Inc.Private FundingPAMedical Device
Phage Biocontrol, LLCTexas A&M University, National Association of Corrosion Engineers, Office of Naval ResearchTXBiotech
Pop! TechnologyPrivate FundingTXSecurity
Ramot at Tel Aviv UniversityTel Aviv UniversityIsraelCommunications
Ramot at Tel Aviv UniversityTel Aviv UniversityIsraelMedical Device
Science and Technology Center in UkraineEU Grant, US DOSUkraineEnergy
Science and Technology Center in UkraineUS Department of Defense, Dnipro-Mto, LTDUkraineMedical Device
SEA Desalination Corp.University of Alabama, Alabama Launchpad, EPAALOther
Securics, Inc.University of Colorado, National Science Foundation, DoD, Department of Homeland Security, L3- Nova Engineering, Lumidigm, Inc., private fundingCOSecurity
SemaConnectPrivate FundingMDEnergy
Spring Point ProjectUniversity of Minnesota, NIH, Angel FundingMNBiotech
Stematix, Inc.Mexico Ministry of HealthTXBiotech
Streamline Industries, Inc.Delaware Economic Development Office, PAAdvanced Materials
T-Block TechnologiesPrivate FundingCAOther
Tracer Detection Technology Corp.TXSecurity
Transaction Security, Inc.Private FundingNCSoftware
UnivalorCanadian Institutes of Health, Canadian Institutes for the Blind, Fight for Sight Foundation, Hospital for Sick Children FoundationCanadaBiotech
UnivalorUniversité de Montréal, Fonds Québécois de la Recherche sur la Nature et les Technologies (FQRNT, Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI)CanadaOther Lifescience
Univalor, LPNSERC, Ecole Polytechnique de MontrealCanadaSecurity
Universidad Austral de ChileFONDEFChileChemical
Université LavalNatural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, National Research ChairCanadaManufacturing Innovation
University of Alaska FairbanksUniversity of Alaska FairbanksAKAdvanced Materials
University of GuelphNatural Science and Engineering Research Council, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-Food CanadaCanadaBiotech
University of Ontario Institute of TechnologyOntario Centers for Excellence, Defence Research & Development Canada, Ontario Partnership for Innovation & CommercializationCanadaSecurity
The University of Texas at ArlingtonUT Arlington, UT Southwestern, Texas InstrumentsTXMedical Device
The University of Texas at ArlingtonUT System, DOETXChemical
University of Texas At ArlingtonUT System, Dept. of Energy, Texas Ignition Fund, MERCEDMTXEnergy
University of TorontoNSERC, Ontario Centers for Excellence, PRECARNCanadaSecurity
University of WaterlooCRC - NSERCCanadaEnergy
University of WaterlooTatctile Sight, Inc. Ontario Centers for Excellence, MARS, American Alzheimer Association, University of WaterlooCanadaMedical Device
University of Western OntarioNSERC, Western Innovation Fund, Ontario Centres of Excellence, Canada Foundation for Innovation, Chemical Innovation Fund, C4 Idea to innovationCanadaEnergy
US Army Medical Research and Materiel CommandInstitute of Surgical ResearchMDOther Lifescience
US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC)US ArmyMAChemical
USAFA/DFAir Force Research FundingCOEnergy
UT DallasUT System, UT Dallas, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Texas Ignition Fund, Private Funding TXBiotech
Versatilis LLC SBIR, DARPA, ARL, Private FundingVTAdvanced Materials
VitalMedix, Inc.AngelMNBiotech
Vumii, Inc.Angel FundingGASecurity
WntResearch ABSwedish Cancer Foundation, European Union, Lund UniversitySwedenPharmaceutical


OrganizationSupporting InstitutionsState / CountryIndustry
Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc.Argonne National Laboratory, NSF, DARPA, DTRA, ONRLILAdvanced Materials
Anesthetic Gas Reclamation, LLCAngel FundingTNPharmaceutical
AMRDECDoD WVCommunications
Atreo Medical Inc.Ontario Centres of Excellence, McMaster University, Health Technologies Exchange (HTX)CanadaMedical Device
British Columbia Institute of TechnologyBCITCanadaOther
ElectroJet Inc.USDA, MEDC, Automation Alley, Ann Arbor SPARKMIEnergy
Enduro Medical Technology, Inc.NASA, The University of GeorgiaCTMedical Device
Eureka GenomicsUniversity of HoustonCABiotech
Fermion, IncProvince of Manitoba, Department of IndustryCanadaSecurity
Fidelity Comtech, Inc.NSF, AFRL, ArmyCONetworking
FireArmor 55, Inc.private fundingMIAdvanced Materials
FlashScan3DUniversity of Kentucky, DHS, NIHSTXSecurity
Florida International UniversityFL Communications
Flying SensorsBrigham Young Univ., UT- Governors Office of Economic DevelopmentUtah Centers of Excellence, UT Tech Finance Corp., Private UTOther
Foret Plasma Labs, LLCDOE, LSU, QESCTXEnergy
General Fusion, Inc.General FusionCanadaEnergy
Hention CorporationNASA, NSF, Rochester Inst. Of Tech., Infotronics Tech. Center, Aearo Corp., Nth TechNYEnergy
Hybra-Drive Systems, LLCAngel FundingMIEnergy
Innovation Center - High-Tech Accelerator Foundation of the Lodz UniversityPrivate PolandMedical Device
Innovation Center - High-Tech Accelerator Foundation of the Lodz UniversityPrivatePolandOther Lifescience
Innovation Center - High-Tech Accelerator Foundation of the Lodz UniversityQ3D, Ministry of SciencePolandSoftware
Instituto InovaçãoUFSCAR – Universidade Federal de São CarlosBrazilOther
Instituto InovaçãoBrazilian Agricultural Reseach CorporationBrazilSoftware
Kinetic Research & Development Inc.ILEnergy
Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa MaríaChileEnergy
Life:WIRE CorpPrivateCanadaBiotech
Liquid Fiber Displays Inc.McMaster University, NSERC, Xerox Centre, ScalaCanadaCommunications
MagKinetics, IncNJEnergy
Marksman Cellject, Inc.NSERC I2I, OCE MR, Nikon CanadaCanadaBiotech
McGill UniversityNSERC Canada, McGill Univ. OTTCanadaBiotech
McMaster University/XEEIFlexible Solar Cell TechnologiesCanadaEnergy
MD Innovators LLCZassi Medical EvolutionsFLSoftware
Medical Conservation Devices, LLCState University of New York, Univ. of Buffalo, WNY Business and Dev., Medical Conservation Devices, NY State Cntr. For Advanced Tech.NY Medical Device
MicroFab Technologies, Inc.NIH, NSF, privateTXSecurity
MicroTransponder, Inc.NIH, Texas Emerging Technology FundTXOther Lifescience
nanoLambdaNSF, TTCPANanotech
NASANASATXIndustrial Machining
NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterNASA-Goddard, Morgan State Univ., Angel Funding, BartronMDSoftware
National Security AgencyNSAMDSoftware
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCADPAX)U.S. NavyMDOther
OxySure Systems, IncTXMedical Device
PLx Pharma Inc.University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, NIH, DARPA, Army, Integra Ventures, Texas Emerging Tech FundTXPharmaceutical
Promia IncorporatedDoD, NSA, and UC DavisCANetworking
ProNai Therapeutics, Inc.Private, Novosom, PolymunMIPharmaceutical
PulmotectNIH, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Lehman Brothers FoundationTXBiotech
Purdue Research FoundationState and PrivateINIndustrial Machining
RSP Tooling, LLCAir Force SBIR, DoD DLA, JumpStart NE OhioOHIndustrial Machining
Safe Power Network, LLCUniversity Technologies of TexasTXEnergy
SAICU.S. Army Research LabPAOther
Stottler HenkeNASA SBIRCASoftware
TerapioPrivate FundingTXPharmaceutical
three45, Inc.TXSoftware
ThreeFold SensorsNIH SBIR, DoD SBIR, DOE SBIRMIMedical Device
TransGeneosUniversity of AlabamaCAPharmaceutical
Univalor LPCanadaAdvanced Materials
Univalor LPCanadaCommunications
University of Missouri and NEMS/ MEMS WORKS, LLCUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaMONanotech
University of North TexasTexas Advanced Research ProgramTXCommunications
ValDeal Innovations ZrtPrivate FundingHungaryOther Lifescience
Vanduzen Inc.NSF SBIR, State of INTXSoftware
VenomixPrivate FundingMIOther Lifescience
Waste Technology Transfer Inc.Private FundingAZEnergy
Zassi Medical Evolutions, Inc.Private FundingFLMedical Device
Zircadium CorporationZircadium Corporation, Ontario Centres of ExcellenceCanadaOther


OrganizationSupporting InstitutionsState / CountryIndustry
Advanced CerametricsDARPA, ONR, NAVSEA,ArmyNJAdvanced Materials
AerovectRX CorporationDepartment of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease ControlGAMedical Device
Agave BioSystemsNatl Cancer Inst, Natl Inst of Allergy and Infectious DiseasesTXOther Lifescience
AM Biotechnologies, LLCDoD, DARPA, DHS, NIAIDSTXBiotech
Amalgam Industries Inc.SamsoniteNMAdvanced Materials
Analog Bridge Inc.Inventis Group Ltd. and the University of DaytonOHNanotech
Arkansas State UniversityArkansas State UnivARNanotech
Auburn UniversityNational Academy of ScienceALPharmaceutical
California State UniversityCal State University, San BernardinoCASoftware
Catalytic Devices International, LLCArmy, PrivateCAEnergy
Center for Advanced Vehicular SystemsDepartment of LaborMSSoftware
Centers for Disease ControlCDCGABiotech
CG2 NanoCoatings, Inc.PrivateONEnergy
Children's Progress, Inc.NIH,NSF, US Department of Education, Columbia UniversityNYSoftware
ClearValue, Inc.PrivateTXEnergy
Compass SystemsUS Army Corp of EngineersMDOther/Imaging
CUBE Technology, Inc.National Institute of Health, Army Medical Command, AngelsAZEnergy
Deluge, Inc.Ariz State University, Hydrotherm Power CorporationAZEnergy
Environmental Protection AgencyEPADCOther
Environmental Protection AgencyEPADCOther
EyeMarker Systems, Inc.DARPAWVMedical Device
Federal Aviation AdministrationFAANJOther
GlyTag TechnologiesNIH, NSF, Mich Univ, Amer Cancer Society Wayne State UnivMIBiotech
Go Green FuelTXEnergy
GXP DigitalPileed, Inc. Greater Dallas Chamber, NIHTXSoftware
Hydro Air Drives, IncPrivate, VentureFLEnergy
Idaho National LaboratoryBattelle Energy AllianceIDEnergy
Idaho National LaboratoryIDOther
Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc.Capital Genomix, PrivateMDBiotech
Intellectual Assets Corps.NASAMedical Device
Intellectual Property SolutionsFlorida A&M University, National Science FoundationFLSoftware
IRISNIH, PrivateOHMedical Device
JOOIL MetalcastingPrivateTXAdvanced Materials
KaDa Medical InstrumentsAngel, PrivateTXMedical Device
KRM TransgenicsUniversity of HawaiiHIBiotech
Language Computer CorporationTXSoftware
Logistic Solutions Inc.AngelNJChemical
Los Alamos National Laboratory CIVADepartment of Homeland Security, Center for Army Analysis, RaytheonNMBiotech
Los Alamos National Laboratory Pac-PerriquestNMEnergy
Louisiana Tech UniversityLASoftware
McMaster UniversityNRCSemiconductor
Meddela SystemsPrivate, AngelINSoftware
Meditrina Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Wayne State University, Mount Sinai Hospital- TorontoMIPharmaceutical
MEI Technologies, LLCNASATXSoftware
MHE Technology Corp, IncTrulstech Group Pty, LtdCTChemical
MicroFab Technologies, Inc.NIH, NSF, PrivateTXSecurity
MossecMobile Security Software, SL, NEOTEC, ENISASpainSecurity
National Security AgencyTRSG, Inc.MDSemiconductor, Software, and Networking
Naval Air Warfare CenterUS Navy, Army, DARPAMDOther
Navigational Sciences, Inc.DOE-Oakridge National Lab, CRADA, Dept. of Homeland Security, ORNLSCCommunications
NEOSUniversity of Santa Maria, Iniversity of Valparaiso, IST, Conicyt - the National Commission of Scientific and Technology ResearchChileOther Lifescience
NEVENKUMCORFO, ChileInventaChileIndustrial Machining
Omega Sensors IncorporatedSPAWAR Systems San Diego, CCAT, AFRL, ONR, DARPACASemiconductor
Penguin Automated Systems Inc.Ontario Centres of Excellence, FedNorOntarioCommunications
Quantum Logic DevicesDoD, NASA, NIHTXNanotech
Ramot Tech Transfer Office Tel Aviv UniversityTel Aviv UniversityIsraelEnergy
Ramot Tech Transfer Office Tel Aviv UniversityTel Aviv University Israel Other
RemComm, Inc.Innovation WorksPA Software
Resonant Sensors IncNSF SBIRTXBiotech
RNs Now IncPrivateAZOther
Savannah River National LabSRNLSCChemical
Scrub Oak TechnologiesUniv OK, FHWAOKOther
Siuta Consulting, Inc. AZ Biomedical ResearchNYPharmaceutical
Thies Technology, Inc.NSF STTRNVEnergy
ThromboVision, Inc.NIH SBIR, PrivateTXMedical Device
TravellingWave Inc.NSF SBIRWASoftware
Type IV TechnologiesNIH SBIR, Univ ArkansasARPharmaceutical
Univalor - PtitdejUniversity of Montreal, Natural Science and Engineering Research CouncilQuebecSoftware
Univalor -GestionFACR, Univ of MontrealQuebecMedical Device
UnivalorUniversity Of MontrealQuebecSoftware
University of HawaiiNSF, Army SBIRHISecurity
University of TorontoCanadian Institute of Steel Construction,MMOOntarioOther
University Technologies of TXSalk InstituteTXPharmaceutical
U. S. Army Research LaboratoryUS ArmyMDSemiconductor
Witten Technologies, Inc.EPRI, US DOT, FL DOTMAOther


OrganizationSupporting InstitutionsState / CountryIndustry
Aberdeen Proving GroundsArmy Research LabMDSoftware
AGA PharmNational Research Council (Canada)CanadaBiotech
Applied Design CorporationPrivateCOEnergy
AppliFlex LLCVanderbilt UniversityTNMEMS
Assure Bioassay ControlsUS Dept of Navy, US Dept of DefenseCAOther Lifescience
Baltimore Shipping TechnologiesNavy, Maryland Tech Transfer FundMDContainers
BarterBarter Ltd.PrivateIsraelInternet
BetaBatt Inc.NSF SBIR, Private TXEnergy
Bruno Associates QCRPrivateTXAdvanced Materials
Chemica Technologies LLCDept of Education SBIRORMedical Device
Clinical Techn. AdvisorsPrivateMAOther Lifescience
CUBE Technology Inc.PrivateAZEnergy
Dyotronic, Inc.UTATXSemiconductor
EmiSense IncEPA SBIR, Fortune 100 CoUTSensors
ERA BiotechPrivateSpainBiotech
Extreme Reality (XTR) Ltd.PrivateIsraelSoftware
Faraday Technology Inc.NSF SBIR, DoD SBIR, State of Ohio, Missile Defense Agency, Air ForceOHSemiconductor
Federal Aviation AdministrationFAATXSensors
FoodSource Lure CorporationAuburn University, PrivateALAgriculture
Global Uni-Docs CorporationPrivateTXSecurity
Helion LabsNew Mexico State UnivNMEnergy
Hydro-Air Drive Inc.PrivateFLEnergy
Karmanos Cancer Institute/Wayne State UnivNIH, Michigan LifeSciences CorridorMIBiotech
L2B Environmental Systems Inc.National Research Council (Canada), PrivateCanadaEnvironmental
Lighthouse Innovations LLCPrivateNJPharmaceutical
Los Alamos National LaboratoryDOE, Los Alamos Technology Maturation FundNMSecurity / Advanced Material
Lucien BiotechnologiesPrivateChileBiotech
Lynntech Inc.Army DoD, DOE, EPA, NIH, NASA, USDA and NSF SBIRTXChemical / Advanced Materials
Medical Information Systems TechPrivateWVSoftware
MemsonicNational Cancer Institute SBIRMIMedical Device
Mercury Data Systems Inc.U.S. Special OperationsNCSoftware
Microlin TechnologiesPrivateUTPrecision Insturments
Microvi Biotech LLCNSF SBIR, NIH SBIRKSBiotech
Multipass CorporationNSF SBIRTXCommunications
NASA Johnson Space CenterPrivateTXMedical Device
National Research Council Canada, Advanced Materials DesignPrivateCanadaAdvanced Materials
National Research Council Canada,
Institute for Microstructural Sciences
Canadian and American DoDCanadaSemiconductor
OHAI Technologies CorporationPrivateTXSoftware
Old Dominion UniversityDoD, PrivateVASecurity
Oregon Health & Science UniversityNIH, DOE, Murdoch FoundationORMedical Device
OsteoInvent BiologicsOsseointegration Foundation Implant Research Grant, University at BuffaloNYBiotech
Peletex Inc.Office of Naval Research, Hawaii Technology Development FundHILifeScience, Nonmedical, Environmental
PerfecTech LLCUS Army TATRC, PrivateTXSensors
Phoqus PharmaceuticalsAdvent, 3iCTAdvanced Materials
Quantum Wave Technologies (QWT)PrivateCACommunications
Resonant Optics, Inc.UTA, PrivateTXAdvanced Materials
Retica Systems Inc.DoD, Sigma PartnersMASecurity
RLIPUTA, PrivateTXSemiconductor
RSP Tooling LLCUS Dept of Energy, US Dept of DefenseOHIndustrial Machining
San Diego State University Research FoundationNIH SBIR, NSF SBIR, CCATCAChemical
Savannah River Nat’l LabDOE, ArmySCSecurity / Biotech
SciTech Development LLCNIH SBIR/STTRMIBiotech
SeekerNet Inc.Venture CapitalGANetworking
Silk Displays Inc.McGill University, National Research Council (Canada)GADisplays
SPACE CoDesignCanadaSemiconductor
Telemed and Adv Technology Research Ctr (TATRC)US Army TATRC, PrivateMDSoftware
THEFTProof DataUTA, PrivateTXSoftware
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCanadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)CanadaPharmaceutical
The University of Texas Medical BranchNational Heart, Lung, Blood Institute (NHLBI), PrivateTXBiotech
U.S. EPA, Nat’l Risk Mgmt Research LabEPA SBIR, Fortune 100 CoOHEnvironmental
Univalor / GestionNatural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal and Valorisation Recherche QuebecCanadaCommunications / Semiconductor
University of TorontoNational Science & Engineering Council of Canada, Hiram WalkerCanadaEnergy
US Army Cold Regions Research U.S. Army Corps of EngineersNHSensors
Vapro Inc.Venture Capital, PrivateCASemiconductor
VividSight Inc.PrivateFLSoftware
Vortex Hydro Energy LLCDOE, Office of Naval Research, Univ of MichiganMIEnergy
W+ Technologies LTDTXSoftware
Westinghouse Savannah River Co Savannah River National Lab, DOESCSecurity
Whaste Technology IncPrivateWashington, DCEnergy


OrganizationSupporting InstitutionsState / CountryIndustry
Advanced Diamond Technologies Inc.Argonne, NSF SBIRILAdvanced Materials
Altor Bioscience Corp.Nat'l Cancer Inst, Nat'l Neurol. Disorders Inst.FLBiotech
American BioHealth GroupNavyCAPharmaceutical
AreteQ Inc.BWXT Y-12 LLCTNSoftware
Argonne National LaboratoryFermi Nat'l Accel. Lab, NASA, DoD, DHHSILBiotech
Atmospheric Glow Technologies Inc. (AGT)Univ of Tenn, DoD, NIH, EPATNSecurity
AutoLearn Inc.Arizona State UnivAZSoftware
Brelsford Engineering Inc. (BEI)DOE I&IMTEnergy
Clemson UniversityDOE I&I, Clemson UnivMIEnergy
Dairilean IncNIH SBIR, SD Dept AgricultureSDValue Added Agriculture
DMetrixNIH, US Army Medical Research (TATRC)AZBiotech
Drive Square LLCNIH, PrivateMAOther
Edenspace Systems CorporationNSFVAOther Lifescience
Elite Display SystemsMcMaster Univ, Nat'l Research Council, CaCanadaAdvanced Materials
EMV Technologies LLCDOE I&IPAEnergy
Energy Research CompanyDOE I&I, NY Energy ResearchNYEnergy
Federal Aviation AdministrationUSDOT, FAANJSecurity
FlexSys Inc.Univ MI, Air Force STTR, Army STTR, Lockheed MartinMIAdvanced Materials
Harden Foods Inc.PrivatePAOther Lifescience
Ingenious IncPrivateTXSoftware
Institute for Technology DevelopmentNASA, USDA, EPAMSOther
Integrated Bio MimeticsUniv MI, NIHMIOther Lifescience
Interstitial LLCNIH SBIRILOther Lifescience
Jefferson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.NIHCTPharmaceutical
Kinetic Muscles Inc.NIH SBIRAZBiotech
Leap of Faith Technologies Inc.NIH SBIRILCommunications
LIFETECHniques Inc.NIDA SBIR, NCI SBIRCAOther Lifescience
Los Alamos National LaboratoryDOE, DoD, P&G, NIHNMCommunications, Biotech
Louisiana Tech UniversityNIH, NCIIALAOther Lifescience
Lumenware LLC and University of KentuckyNSF SBIRKYSoftware
Luxell Technologies IncIndustrial Research, CanadaCanadaSemiconductor
Lynntech Inc.NSF SBIRTXAdvanced Materials
Magswitch Technology IncPrivateCOOther
McMaster UniversityNat'l Research Council, CanadaCanadaOther
Medipacs LLCPrivateAZBiotech
MicoyPrivate, AngelIAOther
NanoBioMagnetics Inc. (NBMI)NIH SBIROKNanotech
National Research CouncilNat'l Research Council, CanadaCanadaAdvanced Materials, Communications
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft DivisionNavyMDOther Lifescience
Nerites CorporationNorthwestern Univ, PrivateWIOther Lifescience
Neudia Systems Inc.Angel, VCChinaSoftware
NonInvasive TechnologiesNIHMDBiotech
NuCrypt LLCAir Force Research Lab, NorthwesternILCommunications
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryORNL, NIHTNOther Lifescience
Oriel Therapeutics Inc.NIH, Univ NCNCPharmaceutical
Parker Hughes InstituteNIH, NICHD, DoD, DARPA, Parker Hughes Cancer CtrMNPharmaceutical
PerfecTech, LLCTATRCTXAdvanced Materials
PhotoBioMed CorporationNIH, DoDSDBiotech
Planning Systems IncorporatedNIH, ArmyVACommunications
ProvisioPrivate, VCTNPharmaceutical
Quantum Intech Inc.Private, AngelCASoftware
Receptor Logic LtdNIST ATP, WesTech VenturesTXBiotech
Ribomed Biotechnologies Inc. (formerly Designer Genes Inc.)NIH, NIAID, HSARPA, DARPA, AngelAZBiotech
Savannah River National LaboratoryDOESCIndustrial Machining
Scrub Oak TechnologiesFHWA, Univ of Oklahoma, NSFOKSmart Shock Absorbers
Space & Naval Warfare Systems Center, San DiegoNavyCANanotech
Stand-By Systems Inc.Private, AngelTXOther Lifescience
Talking Lights LLCArmy, Navy, Dept of Ed, NSF SBIR, NIHMACommunications
The University of Toronto Innovations FoundationNat'l Research Council, Canada, Xerox, NortelCanadaAdvanced Materials
UltraKat Plasmatechnik AGVC, PrivateGermanyEnergy
University of North TexasUNTTXPharmaceutical
USDA-ARS-National Center for Agricultural Utilization ResearchUSA ARSILAdvanced Materials
VeriFax CorporationNASA SBIR, NIH SBIRCOSecurity
videoNEXTArmy Research LabVASecurity
Worcester Polytech InstituteUS Army Medical Research (TATRC)MACommunications, Other Life Science


OrganizationSupporting InstitutionsState / CountryIndustry
ADICA Consulting LLCArgonne National LabILSoftware
Advanced Materials Research CenterCONSEJO NACIONAL DE CIENCIA Y TECNOLOGIA [CONAYCT]MexicoChemical
Agro Management GroupUSDA, AARC, MI Biomass, DOE, United Soybean BoardCOEnergy
Air Force Research LabUSAF, AF Research LabOHOther
Akermin IncorporatedOffice of Naval Research, St. Louis UniversityMOEnergy
ARISIL Instruments Inc.NIH STTRNYBiotech
Big Horn Valve Inc.NSF SBIR, NASA SBIRWYEnergy
Brookhaven National LaboratoryYinnel Tech, Brookhaven National Lab, DOE, NIH, NASANYAdvanced Materials
CSixty Inc. Rice UniversityTXNanomedicine
Diagnostic MicroSystems Inc. (DMS Inc.)DARPA, NIH,SBIRTXBiotech
DynaMotors Inc. DOEOHAdvanced Materials
Featherfiber Corporation USDA/ARSMOAdvanced Materials
Florida International University NASA, NSF, USGS, IBM State of FloridaFLSoftware
Franklin Fuel Cells Inc.Air Force SBIRPAEnergy
Honeywell FM&T DOEMOCommunications
Ice Energy LLC DOECOEnergy
Intelligent Spatial Technologies Univ of Maine, NSF SBIRMESoftware
InterPhases Research NSF SBIR, EISG, CAEnergy
ISCA Technologies Inc. DOD SBIR, NIH SBIR, NIST, USDACASoftware
Kardia Therapeutics Inc. NIH STTR, Baylor College of MedicineTXBiotech
Kirtas Technologies Inc PrivateNYOther
Law Enforcement TechnologiesSandia National Lab and National Institute of JusticeCOSecurity
Lynntech Inc. SBIRTXAdvanced Materials
Michigan Technological University Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Solid Waste Alternatives Program (SWAP), DOE I&I Program, ChryslerMIIndustrial Machining
MiTiHeart Corporation SBIR, NIHMDOther
Molecular Waste TechnologiesPrivateGAEnergy
National Renewable Energy LaboratoryNRELCOAdvanced Materials
Naval Air Systems Command NAVY, ARMYNJOther
OrganicID UT AustinTXAdvanced Materials
PIOCON Technologies Inc. DOE SBIRILSoftware
PlaZtec DOENJIndustrial Machining
Pneumedics PrivateMNBiotech
Quintessence Biosciences Inc. Private, Wisconsin DOCWIBiotech
R&D Imaging Technologies Inc. Ben Franklin Technology PartnersPAOther
Savannah River Technology Center Savannah River, DOESCEnergy
Sensant CorporationNSF SBIRCABiotech
Space Assets LLCPrivateNMOther
SuperDrive, Inc.DOEOHEnergy
Tel Med Technologies NSF SBIRTXAdvanced Materials
TLC Precision SemiconductorPrivateMNSemiconductor
TransGenRx Inc.ARMY, SBIR, State of LouisianaTXBiotech
The U.S. Army Medical Research & Material Command (USAMRMC) USARMCMDBiotech
U. T. Arlington NIH, North Texas Cancer Research FoundationTXBiotech
Virus Detection Systems Co.ARMY, DARPANCBiotech
WellDog Inc. NSF, DOEWYEnergy
Xilas Medical Inc.NIH, SBIR, UT Health Science Center at San AntonioTXBiotech
Yangfan Biotechnology CorporationPrivateChinaBiotech


OrganizationSupporting InstitutionsState / CountryIndustry
2ndPoint, L.L.C.DOEINEnergy
Advanced Cerametrics, IncNavy SBIRNJMaterial Sciences
Bridge Semiconductor CorporationPrivatePAImaging
Chiral Photonics, Inc.CUNYNJNanotech
Compass A.I. Inc.PrivateCASoftware
Daniel H. Wagner & AssociatesNSF SBIR, NIHILSoftware
DarPharma, IncUniv. of NC and PurdueNCBiotech
DCV TechnologiesUniversity of Arkansas Medical SciencesARBiotech
Detekt Biomedical, Inc.DARPA, NIHTXBiotech
eSpin Technologies, Inc.EPA SBIR, NSF SBIR, DOETNNanotech
Fabcut, Inc.DOE ILOther
Fermionics CorporationDOD SBIR, DTRA, NSF SBIRCAImaging
Florida Atlantic UniversityNASAFLImaging
Forest Products LaboratoryUSDAWIPulp and Paper
Haun LabsDOE I&ICAEnergy
Keybowl, Inc.NSF SBIRFLPeripheral Devices
Materials ModificationDARPA SBIR, NSF SBIRNCMicroprocessors
MeshNetworks, Inc.ITT, DARPAFLWireless
NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterNASAMDBiotech
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center NASAMDNanotech
Net Talon Security Systems, Inc.PrivateVASecurity
NIOSHNIOSHPAAvoidance Systems
Novator ABSwedish Industrial Development FundSwedenIndustrial Machining
PhotoVolt, Inc.DOEOHEnergy
PolyTronics, Inc.Carnegie Mellon UniversityPAMaterial Sciences
Pure Protein LLC University of Oklahoma (OKAST)TXBiotech
Renal Solutions, Inc.PrivatePAHealthcare
Rutgers, Office of Corporate Liaison & Tech TransferDOD, NSFNJMaterial Sciences
Scannex Technologies, LLCNSF, Sandia, Air ForceNCNon-Destructive Testing
Sordal IncorporatedNASA, Navy SBIRMIMaterial Sciences
SuperDrive, Inc.DOEOHEnergy
The Equipment Lock CompanyMarshall UniversityWVSecurity
Transclick, Inc.DOE, Army Research Lab SBIRNYEnergy
Trism (replaced Frogpad, Inc.)PrivateTXPC Interface
Virtual Devices, Inc.PrivatePASoftware
Vivisimo, Inc.NSF SBIRPASoftware
Westinghouse Savannah River CompanyWestinghouse Savannah RiverSCSoftware

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