Development Capital Networks

Development Capital Networks LLC has produced the WBT Innovation Marketplace since the inaugural WBT in 2002. DCN is a professional firm devoted to creating, building and managing innovation networks and knowledge clusters that serve the needs of entrepreneurs, federal agencies, associations, governments and regional development organizations. DCN’s notable “firsts” include:

In 1997, DCN principals launched the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds, bringing together–for the first time–seed-stage investors and regional economic development professionals.

In 2002, DCN created the Latin American Venture Capital Association (, now the preeminent data and networking source for the Latin American VC/PE industry.

In 2002, DCN created the WBT Innovation Marketplace (, the first global innovation marketplace for university and lab-based technologies, networking Fortune 1000 firms, investors, mentored technologies and companies.

DCN owns core expertise in IP and patent management and consulting, technology venture forums, and the development of unique training events for entrepreneurs, angel investors, technology agencies and development finance practitioners.

For more information about DCN visit the DCN website.

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