February 16, 2009

Michael Wofsey
Principal Manager

Early Pick Profile: SEA Desalination Corporation

February 12, 2009 – SEA Desalination Corp. was born on a hot day in Tuscaloosa, when physics doctoral student Michael Wofsey wondered if he could harness the sun to power an affordable way to desalinate water.

“A SEA Panel the size of a tabletop can collect enough sunlight to clean 4 to 6 liters of water a day,” said Wofsey. “On a sunny day they can give you enough water to survive.”

Wofsey explains that SEA Panels can be operated by a child and repaired with duct tape. SEA Corp. will present at the 2009 WBTshowcase (WBT09), the prestigious global investment and licensing forum held from March 24-25 in Arlington.

Uses for the panels go beyond drinking water. Wofsey visualizes SEA Panel arrays used to produce drip-irrigation water in drought areas like Florida and California.

“Our product fits into the category of clean tech,” said Wofsey. “Desalination has traditionally been looked upon poorly because of toxic brine output. Instead, our product leaves you with salt crystals and can also collect rainwater.”

According to Wofsey, the company has begun prototype production and hopes to share samples with WBT09 attendees.

SEA Corp.
A University of Alabama doctoral candidate, Michael Wofsey says a colleague inspired him to tackle the problem of water-borne illnesses by developing an affordable way to provide safe drinking water from contaminated sources.

The Company
SEA Corp. offers a robust, simple desalination technology. SEA panels produce desalinated water for a fraction of the cost of conventional systems and collect pure salt crystals rather than emitting toxic brine, a byproduct of conventional desalination technologies.

The Technology
The Solar Evaporation Array (SEA), a U.S. Patent Pending demineralization and desalination device powered by 100% solar energy, can create drinking and irrigation water from any salt or polluted water source. SEA Panels are made from inexpensive molded FDA-certified plastic.

The Opportunity
With U.S. water consumption doubling every twenty years and coastal populations (SEA Corp.’s target market) projected to grow at twice the national average, the desalination industry is poised for growth. Globally, the industry is currently worth about $50 million per year. SEA projects it will add $10-20 million to this total.

The Goal
SEA Corp. seeks sales and investment.

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