Meet the Presenters
Meet the Presenters
Since its inception in 2002 the WBT Innovation Marketplace has presented over 810 emerging companies and technologies representing 49 states and 25 countries.
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2015 FLC National MeetingĀ 
April 28-30, 2015
Denver, CO

LES 2015 Annual Meeting
October 25-28, 2015
New York City, NY

WBT Open Innovation Forum
September 28-29, 2015
Stillwater, OK
Wes Watkins Center
And the Award goes to...
And the Award goes to...
Congratulations WBT Award Winners!
Platinum - Ibis Networks, Pacific Integrated Energy, MTPV, LLC

Gold - Seegrid, Groundmetrics, Grow Green Industries, Inc.

Silver - SecoSys Corporation, Lungpacer Medical Inc., Womens3D, Inc.

Alumni Updates
Alumni Update
Alumni Update
Angel Capital Association Selects GroundMetrics as Finalist for Most Innovative Portfolio Company
WBT2012 Presenter and Gold Award Winner GroundMetrics
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